Camerawork Class

Our students will learn everything there is about cameras, tripods and cranes and how to use them to get the very best shots. After some tuition our students will use their new skills to produce a range of films. 

Acting Class

Our acting class helps you to learn how to perform in front of the camera. How to learn your lines and use body language to make your character burst into life. 

Writing Class

Here we’ll use your very own ideas and shape them into a script for the next step of movie making. We have produced a range of films all from original ideas from our students. Each character, scene and location carefully planned and then onto the filming!  

The Film Productions

All these skills led to up to producing your very own film. Whether you’re an actor or camera operator, you’ll work in a group to develop something special. These films will then be shewn on YouTube and premiered at our special awards night.